Friday 17 Nov. 17 9:30 a.m: Foreign Affairs Committee (Scrutiny of Bills 1014/1016/1018/PJL/AN)

Friday 17 Nov 17 10:30 a.m: Committee on Finance and Buget (Scrutiny of Bill No. 1017/PJL/AN)

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The Deputy Clerks

 01 Abdoulaye Daouda sga2 
 Abdoulaye Daouda
The Deputy Clerk N°1

Born in 1961 in Figuil (Mayo Louti), North Region ; 4th Grade Magistrate ; Degree in Private Law ; State Counsel at the Mora Court (1998-2000) ; President of the High Court of Mora (2000-2007) ; State Counsel at the Ebolowa Court (13 February 2007 to 4 April 2008)
 Godwill Okia Mukete
The Deputy Clerk N°2

Born on 10 November 1955 at Ngolo Metoko Balue, South West Region ; 4th Grade Magistrate ; LL.H Human Right and International Law University of Dschang, June 2008. President, High Court of Meme Division (2001-2005) ; Vice President Court of Appeal, Buea, South West (2005-2011) ; Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly of Cameroon from 7 July 2011 to date