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The purpose of the Golden Book is to preserve the history of the National Assembly and support the noble initiative taken to produce previous volumes during the 8th Legislative Period.

The 1st Legislativeperiod which began in 1973 to the 8th Legislative period that ended in 2013, marks 40 years of history thus become the memory of the institution for future generation. Consequently, the National Assembly has the obligation of keeping track of its past history. Similarly, under the watchful eyes of the The Rt. Hon. CAVAYE YEGUIE Djibril, Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chairperson of the Committee charged with the production of the Golden Book, Hon. Kamssouloum Abba Kabir and Vice-Chairperson Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, held multiple meetings relating to the production of the 9th Legislative year Golden Book.

As a tradition from previous legislative years, (1973-2012) 8 Legislative Golden Books had been published. It consists of gathering and presenting relevant information related to Members of the National Assembly of the 9th Legislative Period. This information gathered mostly from the archives of the National Assembly, are basically:
photo of MPs; full names; date and place of birth; previous occupation; political party; committee; constituency; region and; number of mandates in the National Assembly. It wasn’t an easy task view the fact that the legislative year is virtually ending. After the editing process, a proofreading team headed by Mr. Justice Godwil Okia Mukete, Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly, was put in
place. The team is expected to draft the most important events, remarkable adopted Laws and history of the National Assembly. The final presentation of the Golden book took place on Friday 10 January 2020 at 3 p.m. on the 3rd floor Committee Room of the main building of the National Assembly, and ended at 9 p.m.


Comité de Confection du livre d’or de l’Assemblée nationale

Right honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril

General Supervisor

Questor Kamssouloum Abba K.

president of Committee

Questor Awudu MBaya C.

Vice-president of Committee

Comité de Relecture Comité de Relecture

Mr. Justice Godwi ll Okia Mukete


Mr. Bouba Halidou

1st Deputy Chairperson

Mr. Ngomba Peter Lysinge

2nd Deputy Chairperson

Mr. Alim Garga


Mr. Mvondo Medard


Mr. Ndum John


Mr. Issa Abba


Mr. Amin Ahmad Amin


Mrs. Malafa Sarah


Mr. Oumarou Mal Mazou




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