Since parliamentarians are responsible for legislating and ensuring Government oversight, they do not only need varied, reliable and relevant information, but also to be in contact with their colleagues and electorate. In concrete terms, they need to be conversant with their role through information pertaining to the House Chamber, clarifications and relevant details on the bills they are called upon to scrutinize.

The website of the National Assembly of Cameroon seeks to encapsulate these basic needs by coherently presenting important information on the mandate of the elected representatives. This technical instrument which is primarily designed to support members of the National Assembly in their parliamentary work could also be useful to all those who monitor parliamentary activities.

Free access to legislative information could therefore cement relations between citizens and their representatives and parliamentary work would consequently be more credible and transparent.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Cameroon

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Le site web de l'Assemblée Nationale est un instrument technique d’appui au travail parlementaire qui ...Lire