Members of National Assembly receive Attributes

Members of the National Assembly of the 10th Legislative Period received Attributes Monday 16 March 2020

Swearing-in ceremony of the President of the Republic

Swearing-in ceremony of the President of the Republic on 6 November 2018

Solemn signing of Constitutive acts

Solemn Signing of the Constitutive Acts of the African Parliamentary Institute in Yaounde (IPAY). National Assembly, 3 December 2018

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  • Statutory session: At the beginning of the legislative period, the National Assembly shall meet in a statutory ordinary session on the second Tuesday following the proclamation of the parliamentary election results by the Constitutional Council.
  • Ordinary sessions: Each year, the National Assembly shall hold 3 (three) ordinary sessions, each lasting not more than 30 (thirty) days, in March, June and November.
  • Extraordinary sessions:  The National Assembly may, in accordance with the Constitution, meet in extraordinary session for not more than 15 (fifteen) days on a specific agenda at the request of the President of the Republic or of one third of its members.

The extraordinary session shall wind up as soon as the agenda for which it was convened is exhausted.

Sittings of the National Assembly shall be made public. The National Assembly may exceptionally  hold sittings in camera at the request of the President of the Republic or of an absolute majority of its members.
Plenary sittings:
At the beginning of the legislative period and the first ordinary session of the year, the National Assembly holds plenary sittings essentially devoted to the installation of the Provisional Bureau, the validation of mandates and the election of its Bureau.
A plenary sitting is held when the Chairmen’s Conference so decides and for a specific agenda.
The agendas of plenary sittings are determined by the Chairmen’s Conference.

Legislative Procedure

Admissibility of bills
Announcement of bills in plenary
committee proceedings
committee reports
Plenary sitting for adoption
Parliamentary shuttling
Signing and forwarding of bills
Enactment by the President of the Republic



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